This region we’re so lucky to inhabit, beautifully named the Pajottenland, is undoubtedly one of Belgium’s prettiest and one with a proud culinary tradition. Still our regional products very rarely receive the praise they deserve. The only way of doing so is treating them with the outmost respect, serving them in all their purity. That’s where August steps in; serving contemporary and often surprising creations, prepared with only the best and freshest seasonal produce.

Do not expect unnecessary gratuities, molecular magic or over-priced luxury products from the other side of the globe. We prefer to keep our gastronomy accessible to all. Chef Nico Corbesier presents you with honest, ecologically responsible and affordable dishes that will make you fall in love with the region.

Rest assured that everything on the menu is prepared in-house and all ingredients were grown or made by local manufacturers with the outmost respect for the seasons. Juicy steaks come from farmyard Hof te Berchemveld, crisp vegetables from Ecodal Lennik, coffee beans from Or, dairy from octogenarian farmer Jeanneke and fish from the North Sea.

August is an ode to the Pajottenland, a tribute to our regional products and above all a fair-priced culinary adventure that you just have to try. Again and again and again…

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